Week 10

Cinematic forms used in the video games medium are cut-scenes, mini movies and trailers (Brook, 2015). Mini movies can develop a richer game world, provoke interest/ hype, be a non-crucial exposition, provide closure and be a fan service (Brook, 2015). Also mini movies don’t require the viewer to play or understand the game (Brook, 2015). Trailers are made to generate interest and hype for the game, therefore may inform audiences on the game’s background, atmosphere and game play (Brook, 2015). The Game Of War trailer is an example of a trailer that does none of the things mentioned above, therefore is not successful in providing a realistic expectation of the game (Brook, 2015). A cut scene is a pre-scripted game sequence, they often introduce, break up, and end games (Brook, 2015).

1) Do you think cut scenes have a place in contemporary video games, and why?

I believe that contemporary video games will always have a place for cut scenes as it is an enjoyable way to receive information, as opposed to reading text. Cut scenes are used for setting up the story/game background, developing the characters and plot, creating an atmosphere and providing instruction and clues (Brook, 2015). Also cut scenes can give players instructions, motivation, reward the player and encourage player interaction and emotion (Brook, 2015). Cut-scenes allow player to view the game in a way, which wouldn’t be able to be achieved from game play alone.

2) Thinking of video games you have played in the past, what have some of the most memorable cut scenes been, and why?


Figure 1: the-last-of-us-sarahs-death-gif-set-2-of-tlou. (Source: sakuma-drop, 2013).

The cut scene at the start of Last of Us is memorable when Sarah was shot by the solder and is dying in her father’s hands. This scene is so powerful because it plays on every parent’s most primal fear of losing their child. Also by letting the player play Sarah prior to this scene it further encourages them to identify with her and be more devastated by the thought of her dying. To view the cut scene click on the link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DidjobKweCs (FusionZGamer, 2013).


Figure 2:  y9skY (Source: Anonymous, n.d.).

Blizzard is known for their talents in creating incredible cut scenes, Diablo III was no exception. The introduction to Act II of the action RPG features an amazing encounter between the angels Tyrael and Imperius. This fight is much more entertaining than Tyreal telling the player what happened in game mode via text boxes. To view the cut scene click on the link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqaUxSvAVdc (GameSport, 2012).


Figure 3: portal-1024×640 (Source: Dan, 2014).

I couldn’t help but include the final cut scene and credits from Portal 1 into this list. This is the first time the player sees the outside world after being trapped within the testing chambers and is congratulated for completing the game by receiving a cake. Although the real reason this one is here, is for the closing music, in which GLaDOS reveals she is “still alive” in song form. To view the cut scene click on the link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zZZJm6pWQ0 (Firelyte, 2013).

3) Think of a game that you have played that could have been improved with the removal/ addition/ amendment of cut scenes, and discuss


Figure 4: Resident_Evil_1_cover (Source: Mika1h, 2013)

The cut scene in Resident Evil (1996) where Barry Burton gives Jill Valentin a lock pick is an example of what would happen in games if there were no movie cut scenes. This cut scene is very boring and takes time away from the player’s game play. The game could benefit from not including this cut scene at all or reducing the length of the cut scene dramatically. Also I find it comical that the master locksmith, Jill Valentin has no lock picks, you would think she would always have several on her, I know I do when playing thief characters in games. To view the cut scene click on the link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_QIXYnWtDo (Resident Evil Database | Horror Database, 2015).


Figure 5: Ff10_logo (Source: wikia.com, 2015).

Another cut scene that felt unnecessary is in Final Fantasy X where Yuna teaches Tidus how to laugh. I didn’t particularly enjoy this cut scene as it felt very forced. From doing film studies I learnt that if a scene does not set the mood or is part of the narrative, it is best not to include it and I feel that this cut scene in Final Fantasy X does neither of the two. Although the game developers may argue that it shows Yuna and Tidus’s relationship developing, but considering that there are many other cut scenes that do the same thing it leaves us to question is this cut scene really necessary? To view the cut scene click on the link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5FTJxfV3pc (YoshiFan007, 2007).

4) Work through the in-class tutorial using the Unity game engine

5) Discuss in your groups whether you will be using Unity to create a game level, or using another game to create a machinima. Why have you chosen the selected format?

Alex and I are going to create our machinima in World of WarCraft (WoW).

6) Using a narrative concept from a previous workshop, or your assessment, storyboard a sequence with crude figures, using a format of your choice.


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